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I'm an econ Ph.D. student at Johns Hopkins University.

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  • A Jupyter notebook of an epidemiological model of stock investors (Shiller and Pound (1989))
  • Co-organing the upcoming AEA session "Expectations, Beliefs and Behaviors during the Pandemic"
  • A discussion of HANK-SAM paper by Morten O. Ravn and Vincent Sterk (2019)
  • An updated draft of the inflation uncertainty paper
  • Presentation at the PhD-EVS
  • A discussion of non-homothetic preference in life-cycle by Ludwig Straub(2019)
  • A revised draft of the "friends and consumption" with a model of learning from social network
  • New working paper on how social network affected consumption responses in the pandemic
  • Accepted for presentation in Whitebox conference by Yale SOM
  • Department presentation of Perceived Income Risks. (Preliminary)
  • Admitted to attend the NBER behavioral macro boot camp in March
  • A research proposal on perceived income risks
  • A draft of my working paper studying the expectation formation using density forecast surveys
  • A Jupyter notebook illustrating dimensionality reduction for heterogeneous-agent models by Bayer & Luetticke
  • A Jupyter notebook illustrating how the discrete cosine transformation from image processing can be used by economists
  • Jupyter notebook discussion of family labor supply and asset returns
  • Discussion of information cascade (Bikhchandani et al. 1992)
  • Jupyter notebook replicating Krusell & Smith (1998) via HARK
  • Discussion of Coibion et al. (2015) on firm expectation
  • Discussion of ambiguity-averse preference